Organic and Natural Skincare Store Beautegrity

Organic and Natural Skincare Store Beautegrity

Beautegrity’s Emily is the Founder and Chief Authenticity Officer of Beautegrity. She is an unconventional mix: a quant wiz, a certified yoga instructor and a mother of three. Also a street dancer and a snowboarder, but most importantly an eclectic soul passionate about quality natural skincare.

A former finance executive, Emily worked in the fast-paced global equities market as a trader for Goldman Sachs and as a hedge-fund manager for a leading private fund. After the birth of her twin boys, she traded Bollinger Bands, candlestick charts and Fibonacci ratios for skincare, moisturizers and facial cleansers.

In her quest to find authentic, safe and affordable natural skincare products for herself and her family, the seeds for the Beautegrity business were sown. She discovered that industrial parabens and chemicals can be replaced with natural ingredients and that quality skincare products are available but not easily accessible.

Beauty Tips

Emily believes that when it comes to authentic beauty. The basics are very important. Besides cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting her skin. She offers some new and interesting ways to use products from Beautegrity:

Go green one step at a time. Being enthusiastic about a new organic routine doesn’t necessarily mean throwing out all your usual skin care products. Shift to natural skin care gradually leaving your body time to adjust.

Organic products respect your body’s natural PH balance so don’t be afraid to use facial products on your hands or shoulders for a lighter moisturizing effect. Similarly, your face isn’t the only part of your body craving for cleansing! Restore your skin’s protective layers by applying toner on your whole body after shower or bath.

Don’t let the unseen parts of your body dry out. Irritated by friction, we tend to forget about areas such as inner thighs or breasts that are always encased in clothing. Use face oil to instead of your everyday cream for deeper hydration on your delicate and sensitive skin parts.

Create a special pampering day for your skin! Lotions are a mix of oil and water with chemicals. That’s thrown into the process to bind them together. By replacing lotions with face oils more expensive but also more soothing. Give your skin a full cleanse and moisturize one day a week after your shower

Through Beautegrity, Emily presents a range of products for those who want quality natural and organic skincare at affordable prices.


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