USB-C to Lightning by MICRODIA

Microdia Semiconductor

Country United States

MICRODIA was founded in 1991 in San Jose, California, by a group of engineers from Texas Instruments and IBM. MICRODIA’s renowned experience in ASIC and VLSI development has helped it grow from strength to strength to become the world’s 2nd largest (in terms of production capacity) flash memory data storage media product manufacturer with a monthly capacity of 28 million units (as of 2015).

The company initially focused on OEM Manufacturing for world famous brands such as Samsung, NTT, Siemens, Nokia, Memorex and many others. Today, using its strength in product innovations & development, experience in years of OEM manufacturing, and flexibility to adjust to market changes, MICRODIA now promotes its own brand of flash memory products covering the complete range of form factors for mobile, tablets to digital cameras, professional DSLR and camcorders.

With the exponential growth in demand for higher reliability, higher speed and higher capacity flash memory cards, MICRODIA developed its unique and patented EPM Technology™ (Enhanced Processing Management) to increase flash memory cards read/write speeds. The company’s heavy investment in continuous R&D has helped it quickly establish itself as a technology leader in the flash memory industry.